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Mobile Apps for drivers, messengers and warehouse supervisors.

mobile apps

Drivers will be able to view the list of the delivery / pickups allocated to them today with the priority. Also they will be able to view the delivery route and call the contact persons from single click. Also they will be able to get acknowledgement (e-Signature) from the customers and it will be updated to the stakeholders instantly. Also the transport coordinator will able to track the status whether the trip was started, goods delivered etc.,

For messengers, they will be able to view the list of document collection / delivery jobs along with the address and contact details. Once the documents were collected they will be able to upload the documents to the centralized server via secured file transfer system which was inbuilt with the app. For document delivery the will get the acknowledgement from the customers (whom they delivered the document) and it will be updated to the centralized server.

For Warehouse Supervisors, they will get the list of pending jobs and allocate warehouse employees to the jobs. They will be able to update the status of the jobs through the app which will be intimated to the account handlers / job owners. Also they will able to get the summary of jobs status (completion %) and no of hours spent against each job for invoicing purpose.


  • Easy to use interfaces
  • IMEI based secure access
  • Transfer / Upload documents to server instantly
  • Common barcode system to easy tracking data and documents


  • Secured and Instant transfer of data between server and client

  • Smart planning and utilization of resources to gain more profit

  • Easy tracking of the delivery / pick-up of goods

  • Helps to automate warehouse operations such as picking, loading, put away etc.,

  • Able to view the status of the various operations

  • Smoothen the communication between field staffs and account managers

  • Eliminating the time and costs of printing, faxing, mailing, copying, scanning and filing in paper formats through E-Signature

  • Google Map integration for easy tracking of the destination

Report Features

  • Extensive reports shall be generated such as Sales Activity Report, Pipeline Report etc.,
  • Quotation can be generated in PDF
  • Container Stock Tracking Report
  • Invoice Tracking Report


  • Trade Line Report
  • Non Sales Visit Activity Report
  • Sales Activity Report
  • Appointment Report
  • Sales Executive KPI
  • Assistant Sales Manager KPI
  • Month End Summary & Detail Report
  • Sector wise Sales Report
  • Volume and Opportunity Trend Report


  • EDI Generation Report
  • Repair & Storage Statement Report
  • Daily Activity Register
  • EIR Transactions
  • Depot Stock (3rd party) Containers
  • Material Requisition Register
  • Stock Reports
  • Billed Summary & Detail Report
  • Un Invoiced Report


  • Freight Quotation Report
  • Enquiry Summary Log
  • Expected Business Summary Log

Warehouse & Freight Forwarding

  • Billed Summary & Detail Report
  • Un Invoiced Report
  • Open Reserve Report
  • Top 20 Customers
  • DDR Receipt


  • Tracking & breakdown of data can be adjusted, to visualize huge / complex data

  • Risk Identification can be clear and helps to identify where to improve and to take next steps

  • Able to view the profit clearly, and manage your budget with full visibility

  • Quick access to view the reports across all the departments in a single click

  • Gives you full insight into how the operations are progressing

  • Allows you to see the progress, stagnation and helps you to take decision making

  • Comparison of data with graphical representation for check the relationships in the data

  • Result / trend can be visualized within a specific time frame

Product Features

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