Depot Management

Depot Management

Depot Management System enables the Freight Management Companies to book orders, deal with truck, to manage the transactions related to container repair, container conversion and storage handling activities. It has modules that work together to effectively support and maximize productivity, by leveraging these clients can have real-time operational visibility required to stay ahead of the curve. Here you can record containers gate in / out status, job order/ work order progress, transfers, inspection, EIR out entry, complete container storage statistics, transfer of cost and ownership reports in detail.

Container Depot Management


  • Streamlined management of container movement and repairs, conversion throughout service operation
  • Manages and supports container gate in/out process
  • Tracking container history for every movements
  • Manages daily work order and their progress
  • Depot Management Operations with CODECO EDI Solution
  • Manages container inspections
  • Manages inventory movements for suppliers
  • Integrated with inventory and accounts modules
  • VAT enabled accounting system with multi-currency invoicing
  • Month end storage & repair invoice generation


  • Improved tracking of Containers

  • Month end process for Storage and Repair activities

  • Reduces paper work and manual data management

  • Extensive reports for all the data

  • Increased customer satisfaction & Improved profit margins

  • Comprehensive billing

  • Automatic container check digit calculation

  • Seamless work flow for the transactions

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